Though we will be closed for some time, we’re excited to say that soon we‘ll be part of a new downtown venture! Check our blog for more details!

New Cuppa Location

Interested in getting Populace Coffee by the bag while we’re on hiatus? Order online through our site, and we can deliver (in Jackson)  if you purchase six or more 333g bags (and we’ll discount them all $1)! #SIXPACKPLEASE


New-ish Location

We started off the last new year with a new beginning and a change in location!

We’ve been operating out of The Pickle Barrel Deli in downtown Jackson, at 156 West Michigan Avenue during 2014, and are looking to create an even better downtown coffee experience in the near future!



Meet the Baristas


Evan is a compassionate and dedicated individual, a father of three, a husband, an entrepreneur, and an artist. He puts his heart into his work everyday, and it especially shows in his business practices. Evan strives to be economically and socially conscious in every aspect of business, which is reflected in Cuppa’s product selection, and our commitments to recycling and composting food waste, working with other Michigan companies and supporting other local Jackson small businesses. Most importantly, Evan and his family build their business around family values, treating all members of the family with equality and respect.




Koren is a loving mother of three, a drummer, a life long dancer, an owner of a coffee shop, and a Pilates instructor, among other things. One of the best things about Koren is her sense of humor, which reminds us of an eighth grade boy’s. In the Cuppa family, she is both the mom and the little brother. She is a talented artist, seamstress, and graphic designer…and without her support, ability, and devotion, Cuppa would not be possible. Koren is both intelligent and caring, and you can always be sure she will be straightforward and honest with you. Come in to Cuppa and meet the spectacular woman known as Koren! You will love her too!