Remember, Remember…the 5th of November


Introducing…The Fawkes

New-ish Location

We’ve started off this new year with a new beginning and a change in location! We are now operating out of The Pickle Barrel Deli in downtown Jackson, at 156 West Michigan Avenue. We’re still offering all the same great products, and have added Zingermman’s Deli pastry items as well!


Meet the Baristas


Evan is a compassionate and dedicated individual, a father of three, a husband, an entrepreneur, and an artist. He puts his heart into his work everyday, and it especially shows in his business practices. Evan strives to be economically and socially conscious in his business practices, which shows in Cuppa’s product selection. Most importantly, Evan and his family build their business around family values, treating all members of the family with equality and respect.



Koren is a loving mother of three, a drummer, a life long dancer, an owner of a coffee shop, and a Pilates instructor among other things. One of the best things about Koren is her sense of humor, which reminds us of an eighth grade boys. If Cuppa was a family then she would be both the mom and the little brother. Koren is both intelligent and caring and we are honored to be in her life! You should come in to cuppa and meet the spectacular woman known as Koren! You will love her too!


Yamma is most definitely one hot mama… and one day, she’ll make a great wife and mother. In the cuppa family, she’s our friend and our sister… so be careful of the way you treat this young lady. She may seem to have a tough skin, or might appear to be crafty or elusive; yet she’s soft, fair, bright-eyed, and even more beautiful inside than she may be looking on those days she’s serving up pour-overs. She can brew an exquisite cup of fine, chocolatey-dark coffee or espresso for you… though she’ll go on for days about time travel and the relativity of the universe.



Meet, Dee McBee; Cortado extraordinaire, this young gent started helping us out slinging shots of espresso in 2012, but had to take a bit of a break. He jumped back behind the counter in January, and it was like he was never gone. You might catch him sketching a new piece of art between shots, and you never know what color his hair might end up. Don’t be afraid to tell him to speak up; what he’s saying is worth while, he is just a meek soul!


He can sing, he can dance, he can play guitar, and he’s an actor… obviously he fits in perfectly at a coffee shop. Ake is an original member of the Cuppa family, starting the starving artist lifestyle early. He won’t always be starving though, he’ll probably become a well paid philosopher in the near future. A philosopher with style; chaps, paisley, dreads, he’s got style that girls dream of. But seriously, if you are lacking hope in the coming generation, order a coffee and start a conversation with this young fella, it will bring you a well spring of hope for the future.